Vehicle management for development agencies.

For organizations in developing countries vehicle costs are a large part of their annual budget and are often the most expensive thing they buy. However, in managing vehicle costs most will admit that a lack of expertise and internal transparency leads to the uncomfortable sense of continually signing off on significant expenses they do not either fully understand or control.

Data shows that bringing simple but effective vehicle management to this scenario can reduce vehicle costs by about 17%, promote a higher sense of value amongst staff, improve donor confidence and perhaps most importantly project the most publicly visible aspect of your management in a better light.

Primarily aimed at NGO's, the web site now serves over 30 clients in a variety of sectors across 7 countries. The founding sense was that effective vehicle management for NGO's should not consume management resources, should be personal, in plain language, simple and affordable. Thus, for managers, fleet-serve is a monthly one page email in plain non-technical language with supporting report.


  • Independent, clear reporting on vehicle running costs.
  • Reporting on maintenance, fuel and vehicle use.
  • Monthly reporting in simple, clear summary.

More Information

For more information see http://www.fleet-serve.com or download a fact sheet here.