extensionWorker for Conservation Agriculture Field Workers

Connect directly to your CA delivery with extensionWorker

extensionWorker is an app that allows conservation agriculture projects to collect information and organize their work directly in the field with a mobile device such as phone or tablet. From project specific indicators to more generic activities such as training and land mapping, extension worker has a rich set of data collection tools delivered through a simple, intuitive interface.

Through either smart phone or tablet, extension workers enter their field data directly into the application and upload to your projects cloud storage either via the cell network, or if preferred, later through an office connection. All data is geo and time tagged and in other instances, such as training or farmer visits, can also be photo tagged.

Designed specifically for the international development environment, the application is both intuitive and simple and provides extension workers the opportunity to improve their work flow whilst giving management a higher level of accountability in service delivery. Further, it is fully customizable to a particular project, it's indicators, log frame and reporting.


  • Area mapping with either GPS or with satellite imagery.
  • Location mapping with notes, project indicator and photos.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Geo Location of beneficiaries.
  • Organization, planning and implementation of training activities.
  • Bulk send/receive SMS facility including transmission of market, weather and agricultural practice information to beneficiaries.
  • All data available in excel® or google earth® format.
  • Application will work without mobile connection allowing for data collection in the field and upload in the office.


extensionWorker in Practice

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More Information

For more information including a video presentation see https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pt.com.extensionWorker or download info here or a case study here .