Simple, affordable GIS tools for development professionals measuring agricultural or environmental indicators

agriMapper is an extremely simple geographical information system designed specifically for development professionals. A straightforward gis application that allows users to track, measure and report on the land use indicators that are common in environmental or agricultural projects. Multiple geographical areas can be measured and their characteristics easily stored and analyzed over time. Geographical measurements can either be made directly onto satellite imagery online or via uploading gps data.


Examples could include measuring and tracking patterns of farm cultivation, area planted, yields and crop value over time. Data can easily be extracted from the site and presented in a variety of media including google earth® and excel®.

Designed specifically for the international development environment to avoid the high cost and complexity of training on existing gis packages, agriMapper provides a simple gis solution for projects that are reporting on land usage, agricultural production or environmental indicators.

  • Upload gps measurements of land usage and data collected in the field.
  • Accurately map and measure multiple areas of environmental or agricultural interest such as farms or conservation areas.
  • Export your data to google earth® and easily analyze it against other layers such as precipitation and soil types.
  • Monitor changes in land usage or agricultural production over time or season including such data as yields and value.
  • Project start up expertise particularly in the area of form design, work flow solutions for beneficiary registration.
  • Connect directly to your data through excel® and google earth®, creating rich reporting for internal and donor use.
  • Easily share custom land usage reports and data with your colleagues in excel® or pdf format.

More Information

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