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About Us

MSSB Consulting is a UK company specializing in data management solutions. For over ten years the company has consistently delivered effective, innovative data management solutions to development agencies. Bringing years of experience of the development space the company has successfully implemented a range of M&E solutions for a variety of project and grant types.

What we do

  • Cloud storage design based on project reporting needs running on both web and mobile.
  • Custom built web or mobile based data collection tools.
  • ICT in market and weather data.
  • Bulk send/receive SMS applications
  • Project start up expertise particularly in the area of form design, work flow solutions for beneficiary registration.
  • Data entry services particularly for initial beneficiary registrations.
  • Procurement specifications particularly in the area of mobile application solutions.

What this can do

Our aim is to ensure project management can fully and verifiably deliver beneficiary services to the quality and quantity specified in project design. Reporting that is immediate, transparent and fully traceable to the beneficiary at the geo location and time point of service delivery.

How to learn more

We are a small company, and can make presentations of our mobile and web solutions remotely and our happy to offer advice at the earliest stages of project design for those considering mobile collection methods. Contact us either via IM on Skype (mssbconsulting) or by email alanhooker(at)mssbconsulting.com.


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